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  2. Allie

    Hey Mark,

    I read this some time ago and hadn’t time to respond. But found it, far from being bleak, really clear, meaningful and relevant. A healthy dose of reality and embracing of what is, feels useful while we continue to step forward into the unknown.

    It is right for Dougald to use the word ‘sober’ regarding your reflections. Let’s get sober about the realities while allowing the giddiness of new possibilities. There is a dance and a relationship between all of this but our intention can set the tone, or be the beacon by which we navigate the terrain.

    So I’d say the last sentence in your last paragraph beautifully says it all.

    Generally, I feel we ‘are’ social creatures and enjoy, or benefit from, social contact, connection, but in different ways and to different degrees. And different to ways ingrained, or placed upon us and expected, within our various cultural, peer, and societial contexts.

    In the needing to name and define things such as ‘first life’ and ‘third spaces’, there also feels to me to be a separating, a having to explain things as distinct, and therefore different, things which I feel are actually fluid and mutual. I feel we do what we know, and be, and act accordingly in any space we interact in, regardless of how brilliant or available the technology. Though we can be impacted, our disposition affected, behaviour modified by any number of things within these spaces. (without being at the talk I don’t want to say too much but am simply saying what comes)

    The person, the media, the space and the social interacting, feel fluid and overlapping. One or the other can help or hinder and feed off distract or detract from the other. I’ve experienced people using social media, and even third spaces as ways to be less connected in their first life. Point 4 is impactful because it’s a very real reality that even the most equalising, democractic forms of Web 2.0 can still have heirarchies, regardless how subtle, reflecting the exact same imbalances, behaviours, in the ‘real’ world. Which really shouldn’t be a surprise.

    Your last sentence feels the starting point(and reflects my own sense) because I don’t care how fab the latest technology, gadget, place, space, thought or idea. What is the underlying intention, the fundamental basis, resonance and connection? That’s what gets me enthused and inspired.

    When the intention is clear, maybe the best the rest can be, or is, is a setting, lever, platform, dressing, or even a useful tool to mobilise but in no way a substitute or reason for, real connection.

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