Keystone XL pipeline means jobs

George Monbiot’s tweet:

How corporations attack democracy: in this case with overt threats.

Led me to this article:

Keystone XL pipeline: Oil chief issues threat to Obama over decision

Now, let alone the outright industry threats to President Obama, and the particular entanglement of big business interests with union pressure that tries to pin Obama down to supporting the Oilsands pipeline.   Because here, it’s not really the threatened blackmail that is important.  Whether or not the pipeline is built is an issue that impacts on voters, on industry, on jobs, and those against the decision have every right to campaign against it, and let it colour their view of their President in the period leading up to the election.

The problem here isn’t industry pressuring democracy.  It’s that collectively we haven’t got a handle on giving ourselves enough work without overexploiting natural resources.  Exploitation is profitable, and people can’t see alternatives that do a comparable job at providing livelihoods and sustaining communities and lives.

It’s not an issue of democracy being in thrall to big business.   It is that, genuinely, Keystone XL pipeline means jobs.

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