Here you’ll find some reflections on structures (social and systemic), ethics and us.  There may be community-ownership, democracy, commons-related ideas, about the basic things in our lives – housing, energy, money, work… They may be close to the world we live in at the moment or they may be futher away.

The title of my blog reflects my attitude towards creating the world that we long for.  It’s easy to rest where we are and give surrounding reality the status of necessity: we suffer from too much lock-in and determinism about our collective future – about where jobs will come from, where the foundation of our wealth lies, what the potential is for local and international cooperation, how stuck we are in current patterns of production and consumption, how limited we are in our capacity to co-construct the things that we want and also to create the society that will let us construct them.  We need more restlessness, more engaged thinking about the perhapses and maybes.

If you read anything on here that you are studying, working on or thinking about, I would welcome conversation, challenge, provocation and more than that collaboration – do drop me a line, here, via email (mark.corbin[at]gmail.com) or on twitter (@marktcorbin)

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