Social Care, Intergenerational Equity, and Shouting at the Radio

So, as it turns out, my first re-engagement with writing is merely shouting at the radio. Specifically, the panel on Any Questions, and the facile level of political argument on show over the social care proposals in the conservative manifesto. The proposal would make pensioners with assets worth over £100 thousand pay towards their social care […]

Haze and Brambles

First post for three years. I’ve tried, occasionally, but too often when I try to think the thoughts that come are not just restless but unable to find a footing, to get past the first couple of paces. The world of sense around me feels crystal sharp when I’m not looking at it, but when […]

Skin-deep localism

Last Saturday, I attended a public debate with George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol, and Stephen Williams, MP organised by Bristol for Democracy. I’ve followed with interest the changing set-up of governance of Bristol and its relationship to how actually empowered and involved citizens of Bristol are, and there are many aspects of the debate I […]

The soul of an atom, or, a statistical shroud

Seen from a distance, large numbers of dispersed human actions seem to conform to certain statistical laws and seem patterned, even predictable.  It can be tempting to draw from this a challenge to freedom and a mechanical, rational-economic view of individual behaviour.  It is perhaps more logical, certainly more inspiring, to draw from this a […]

Keystone XL pipeline means jobs

George Monbiot’s tweet: How corporations attack democracy: in this case with overt threats. Led me to this article: Keystone XL pipeline: Oil chief issues threat to Obama over decision Now, let alone the outright industry threats to President Obama, and the particular entanglement of big business interests with union pressure that tries to pin Obama […]